Fence Staining out near Vander

Here is another Fence Staining that we did.  You can see a major difference from start to finish.  We pressure washed the fence first and got it to a stain-able condition and then we stained the fence.


Deck We Stained with a dramatic change and looks like new

Here is a deck that first things first we Pressure Washed the deck to get rid of any mildew, algae, & any other debris.  This deck turned out very nice. It looked completely different and it hadn’t been stained in years.  It looked Great when we were done with it.  Even in the condition that the deck was in, in the end it looked great.

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Here is another Nice Deck Staining we did in Fayetteville, NC

Here is another two story deck staining that we stained in Fayetteville, NC.  We painted this house about a year ago and the home owner had us back to Stain the deck.  As you see the transformation this project was another total success.  Here are some more photos Read more

Jack Britt High School Football Locker Room Painting and Epoxy floor

Here is a paint job that turned out to be a total success for us again.  We painted the walls with the school colors which were purple and gold.  We prepped and put an epoxy flooring system on the floors.  We ordered custom flakes to make the floor stand out.  We top coated it with a nice glossy finish.  When your ready to get an epoxy floor for your garage or no matter what your project is we can definitely make it happen for you to where you have a very nice and professional epoxy flooring system that is extremely durable and looks great.  Here are some more pictures from the job Read more

Fayetteville NC Shoe Carnival Remodel

IMAG0662This was a 1 of 7 Remodels we’ve done with Granger Contracting Company.  Very good company to work  beside and we all do our part and get the job done and meet our deadlines.This building was  13,500 Sq Ft. that we prepped and painted. Read more

Walmart Gum Removal on Concrete

Here is where we spent the night in the Walmart parking lot Pressure Washing with Hot water to remove Gum off the sidewalks.  Here are some more pressure washing photos at this Walmart location

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Q: What can We expect when gettting our business concrete areas cleaned?

A: It is important to have these areas cleaned every so often.  Side walks for example take a beating.  We will brighten up the concrete tremendously bringing it back to a clean area. We will remove all the gum that is on the areas.  We use steam to remove gum.  We crank the heat up to about 215° and let the steam do the rest.  Most stains will come out the most stubborn are oils.  But there is hope for these areas as well.  If we cant get them out they will be lightened.  Remember Concrete is porous and when oils get in them they penetrate deep so lifting them sometimes can be a little tricky.



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