Turn your Garage floor into a Nice Epoxy Floor

This epoxy floor turned out really good.  As you can see with the before and after pictures. Read more

Excellent Epoxy Floor on a Double Garage

Here is a floor that turned out beautiful.  Read more

Jack Britt High School Football Locker Room Painting and Epoxy floor

Here is a paint job that turned out to be a total success for us again.  We painted the walls with the school colors which were purple and gold.  We prepped and put an epoxy flooring system on the floors.  We ordered custom flakes to make the floor stand out.  We top coated it with a nice glossy finish.  When your ready to get an epoxy floor for your garage or no matter what your project is we can definitely make it happen for you to where you have a very nice and professional epoxy flooring system that is extremely durable and looks great.  Here are some more pictures from the job Read more

High End Custom Interior Painting

2015-03-03 08.54.57 2015-03-03 15.20.15Here is a great way to show how our professionalism can change a room.  We totally transformed this room once we repainted it.  We made Custom Vertical Stripes on the walls and on the Wayne Coating we even detailed it two toning it with the black and the red.  This also gave the room a lot more definition.  This job turned out exactly like we new it would.  The home owners were super happy as were me and the crew.  This is what makes painting fun and separates our company from the rest.  We enjoy what we do and enjoy making our customers happy.  Let us help customize your next project.  We will change any room and have your family and friends talking about your sharp paint job.  Check out these great photos of this interior painting in Fayetteville, NC Read more

Custom Stripe Interior Painting

2015-02-11 19.03.01We love doing custom interior painting jobs.  We love being creative and love making a great impression on our customers.  We have a lot of options that we can do and are ready to make what ever paint project you want to do come true.  This is not wall paper this is paint.  This is a great way to impress your company and a great look.  Here are some more interior painting pictures Read more

Moe’s South Western Grill

2014-11-26 01.08.01We just Repainted the Moe’s South Western Grill in Fayetteville, NC.  We even hung the new sign over the serving line. Read more

Custom Graphic Painted Stripes

2015-01-23 13.09.592014-07-09 14.51.19We did these great looking Graphic Stripes at the Chapel Hill Book Store in Chapel Hill.  We had very crisp lines and the project looks great.  It is very unique and creative.  We are ready to give any paint challenge that you may have and make them come true.  We are the professionals who can make it happen. Read more

Beautiful Interior House Painting, High rise Ceilings and a Beautiful Layout

2014-07-17 15.27.14 2014-07-17 15.26.37Here is a beautiful House that we painted.  Had nice high rise ceilings all throughout the house and had a nice wide layout.  We removed both bathrooms that had Wall Paper.  We made all the necessary repairs the Sheetrock and had a beautiful outcome. Read more

Boot Barn New Store in Winston Salem, NC

2014-08-18 17.58.37Here is a Store in Winston Salem that we painted that was a 8,000 sq ft store that we painted in 5 days.  We painted the ceilings that were open ceilings that included all the metal decking.  We also painted primed and painted all the walls and doors. Read more

Ceiling Repair

Ceiling Repairs 2This is a ceiling repair that we did where the Sheetrock tape was all busting loose and the Sheetrock was damaged.  We sanded the entire area pulled out the old Sheetrock tape, re taped the area and mudded it.  We sanded it and blew the popcorn back up and then painted the ceiling.  The repair was a perfect blend and the repair looked like new.  Unfortunately the last photo was of the repair drying but we did paint it and it blended nicely. Read more

Vertical Stripes

2013-02-18 11.32.102013-02-18 16.29.31 Here is a job where we did Vertical Stripes.  We use a Lazor Level for perfect straight lines.  Custom Painting is a specialty we Love. Read more

Awesome Horizontal Painted Stripes

2013-02-28 11.45.082013-02-28 17.04.28 2013-02-28 16.58.17 We love doing custom painting.  This is not wall paper it is painting.  Our customers were thrilled when we completed this project. Read more

Sheet Rock Repair

2014-02-25 11.35.25 2014-02-25 12.48.02Sheet Rock Repair.  This was a small sheetrock repair that we did.  Once we were done you never new that hole was ever in the wall.  We do excellent sheetrock work. Read more

2nd & Charles Remodel

2014-05-28 00.40.30We Prepped and Painted for the  remodel on the 2nd & Charles Book Stores off of Skibo Rd in Fayetteville.  We worked nights on this project and it took us a total of 3 1/2 Nights to Complete.  Read more

Extensive Sheetrock work that we did prior to painting the house.

2013-01-24 08.53.10 2013-01-24 08.54.56 2013-01-24 08.56.38Here is a house that unfortunately was destroyed by the renters.  The home owner contacted us & we came in & made fixed the house brought it back to an excellent state.  There was extensive sheetrock work throughout the entire household.  This shows what we are capable of and how in-depth we will go to fix damage.  This customer was extremely happy from what this house was & the path we took to fix the interior.  We prepped and painted the interior and had a successful painting project. Read more

Popcorn Ceiling Repair

2013-04-18 09.20.59 2013-04-18 13.05.19Here is a ceiling repair that we did to a popcorn ceiling.  We replaced the sheetrock, taped and mudded the area and blew the popcorn back up onto the ceiling.  This picture was before we painted it but once painted it blended in perfectly. Read more

9th POB Class Room 2500 Sq Ft Room

IMG_0171We did three different colors that we painted in the class room.  We did a black Stripe in the middle of the 3 colors. Read more

Ft Bragg 7th Group Facilities

fort bragg interior 12This was 7th Group that we did a Interior Painting remodel on the buildings they were moving into.  Read more

Newks Eatery in Cross Creek Mall Shopping Center

2013-11-18 14.58.06When Cross Creek mall decided to expand we painted a few of the new stores that came in to the plaza.  We painted Newks Eatery in 2 Days.  This resturant look really nice when we were done. Read more

Shoe Carnival Remodel in Greenville, SC

2012-11-02 17.41.06Another successful remodel we did with Granger.  We were the sub-contractors that came in and did what we were supposed to to make this remodel a total success. Read more

Shoe Carnival Remodel Wilmington, NC

SC #207 - Completion Photo (15)Another successful job along side of Granger.  We went in and did exactly what we were supposed to do and made this store another successful job. This was a 11,000 sq ft Commercial Building. Read more

Spring Lake Fire Department Bay Area Painting

2013-06-25 10.02.44We painted the Spring Lake Fire Department in 2.5 days.  We refreshed the interior and made it look sharp. Read more

Fayetteville NC Shoe Carnival Remodel

IMAG0662This was a 1 of 7 Remodels we’ve done with Granger Contracting Company.  Very good company to work  beside and we all do our part and get the job done and meet our deadlines.This building was  13,500 Sq Ft. that we prepped and painted. Read more

Ceiling Repair

ceiling repairs21 ceilng repairs210Here is a repair we made in the ceiling where the sheetrock was damaged and needed to be repaired.  We cut a new piece of sheet rock, taped and mudded the area.  We sanded the areas around where the piece of sheetrock was replaced and then we blew the new popcorn onto the ceiling to blend in the area.  Once the repair was done the you never could tell there was a repair.  The last photo you see is just the repair drying.  We painted the ceiling just didn’t have a finished photo of the area but you could never see the repair. Read more

Catherines Interior Wallpaper Removal, Extensive Wall Repairs & Painting

CathrinesThis job started out a a Wall Paper Removal Job.  Once the wallpaper was removed in the the 2 Bathrooms mold was present.  So we replaced the sheetrock in both bathrooms.  Once everything was prepped out we painted the walls and replaced the base cove molding.  Once we were finished you would of never known there were any repairs made. Read more

Fayetteville State Book Store Remodel

2013-10-16 16.30.07Our task in the remodel of the Fayetteville State University Book Store was to do the Wall Prep along with painting, Paint the Doors and Casings. Read more

Torrid at Cross Creek Interior Painting New Construction

When Cross Creek Mall expanded to becoming a bigger mall we painted the store Torrid’s Walls, Ceiling Tiles, Doors.  This was a new construction job and we primed, prepped and painted everything.  We had to paint all the ceiling tiles one by one on the ground due to all the fixtures that were being installed. Read more

Wall Paper Removal and Sheetrock Repairs and Painting

IMG00004-20120119-0907 IMG00012-20120123-1705We removed the wall paper in the kitchen and it damaged the sheetrock facing.  After fixing all the sheetrock repairs we painted the kitchen area. Read more

Wall Paper Removal and Painting

IMG00113 IMG00128We removed the wall paper in the kitchen.  Some pretty extensive sheetrock work was necessary to make these walls look perfect.  We prepped and Painted the kitchen area and had a satisfied customer.  Read more



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