Q: What kinds of Services do we Provide?

A:  We Provide Residential & Commercial Painting, Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing, Concrete Pressure Washing(Driveways & Sidewalks), Sidewalk Gum Removal,Garage Epoxy Flooring, Concrete Staining , Concrete Sealing, Graffiti Removal, Deck & Fence Staining, Sheetrock Repairs, Wood Rot Repairs, etc.  If it deals with Painting, Staining or Pressure Washing we do it along with Repairs.  Call to find out a full list of what we are capable of.


A: Upon asking us for our insurance information we can contact the insurance company and they can either fax or email a copy directly to you that way you have the confidence in knowing that you are protected as a business or home owner.  We are more than happy to provide you with a copy of our Workers Compensation Policy and our General Liability.


A; We carry general liability and workers compensation. This information is always available upon request. And don’t be shy. Ask to see proof of insurance. The last thing a customer needs is there to be an accident and the client could maybe be held liable. Don’t put yourself at risk. We are always fully insured in the event of an accident the customer has no risk to assume. We assume all risks.


A: We are here to give you as much advice as possible about your project. We feel the more information that you know the better. We have a wide variety of knowledge of many different products and can help you select what suits your needs. We will take the time to answer any questions that you may have and address any concerns that you may have. We have many different color fan decks with probably about 10,000 colors. This can make choosing colors easier sometimes.


A: Yes, we do provide free estimates and the process is simple. We are a phone call away and we can be reached at (910) 978-6681. We can also be reached by filling out a contact form and we’ll be more than happy to give you a call back.  Click Here to Contact Us

Q: How many Employees are part of the Crew?

A: We normally have about 4-6 crew members at each job site.


A: We accept Cash, Checks, Money Orders, Master Card and Visa.

Money Orders will only be accepted from the Post Office.

Q: What are the Pro’s to using Flat Paint?

A: They provide even light reflection, to give the surface a softer, more uniform look. They don’t highlight surface imperfections like higher sheen paints, so they usually don’t require as much surface preparation (like patching, texturing or sanding) prior to painting. They are generally easier to apply and can be easily touched-up better than higher sheen paints. They don’t need to be sanded before repainting, unlike higher sheen paints.

Q: What are the Con’s of using Flat Paint?

A: They are less stain resistant and scuff resistant and harder to keep clean. They are not recommended for high-traffic areas or on surfaces that will be handled, washed or scrubbed. They are less washable and less moisture resistant.

Q: What are the Pro’s of using eggshell or satin paints?

A: They are better stain resistant, so they resist dirt pick-up & stay cleaner longer. They have better scuff & wear resistance, these are good for high traffic areas & on surfaces that are handled, washed or scrubbed frequently. They have better moisture resistance, which makes them ideal for surfaces and areas that are frequently exposed to high humidity levels. They have a smooth, bright, more lustrous finish that some people prefer.

Q: What are the Con’s of using eggshell or Satin Paints?

A: They tend to highlight any surface imperfections, so more surface preparation (like patching, texturing or sanding) will usually be needed before painting. They are harder to touch-up than lower sheen paints, because the higher sheen tends to highlight the slightly raised surface of the film where the touch-up was done. They way to touch up these paints is to paint the entire wall being painted from corner to corner.

Q: Why & What do we use to sand the walls before every Interior Paint job?

A: We sand all the walls before painting because it removes any kind of dirt, debris, dust and any other trash that might be in the previous paint job or on the surface of the walls.  It also helps when we use sheetrock mudd to fix imperfections on the walls to sand and make the spots smooth.  For this we use a Sheetrock Sanding machine.  This machine is also hooked to a vacuum so that when the sander knocks down the sheetrock mudd spots and all the trash is vacuumed up into this machine instead of going all over the place.

Q: Is there any kind of Warranty that you stand behind with Exterior Painting and Staining?

A:  We offer a One Year Warranty on all our Exterior Painting and Staining Projects.  This gives the client Peace of Mind and if there is a problem we will fix it.  We always go over our warranty information with our clients.

Q: How do we Clean Concrete?

A: Cleaning concrete is done mostly by just water and the proper equipment.  The best way is with Hot Water because it cleans faster.  Most of the time we use our hot water pressure washer.  We attach a surface cleaner to cover large areas quickly.  Our Machines put out a lot of Gallons per minute and are set up for all your needs.

Q: What can We expect when gettting our business concrete areas cleaned?

A: It is important to have these areas cleaned every so often.  Side walks for example take a beating.  We will brighten up the concrete tremendously bringing it back to a clean area. We will remove all the gum that is on the areas.  We use steam to remove gum.  We crank the heat up to about 215° and let the steam do the rest.  Most stains will come out the most stubborn are oils.  But there is hope for these areas as well.  If we cant get them out they will be lightened.  Remember Concrete is porous and when oils get in them they penetrate deep so lifting them sometimes can be a little tricky.

Q: What Concrete areas do you pressure wash for Residential Homes?

A: We clean Brick, Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks, Stone Walk Ways, Pool Side Areas, etc.  If it is concrete we can clean it.  Pressure washing your concrete is a great service that we provide.  This adds so much to your curb side appeal as well.  It brightens up the concrete pretty much to the original state.

Q: Will the Pressure Washing Damage My House or Business?

A: It could if not done properly.  There are many different size tips used for different times.  And knowing when to use what where is important.  It is not so much the pressure that cleans your house it is the chemicals.  There fore we stand at a safe distance letting the chemicals do the work and spraying it clean.  We use many different strategies when pressure washing as well.  Every environment is different and we are careful of our surroundings.

Q: What time would you pressure wash our business?

This is a pretty common question among small business.  We would come on hours that the business is closed.  We can do the work before opening or closing hours.  That way we aren’t interfering with your customers.


A. When you get a new deck or fence you need to wait 3-9 months before staining it. The wood needs time to allow the wood to cure out.  The process is sometimes quick and sometimes it is long. If you do not wait the stain doesn’t really penetrate the wood and you are asking for serious problems. Also the wood has chemicals in it and sap that need time to dry up. Do not let a contractor rush you into this process. This is a process that must happen. This is where a lot of problems come from and the last thing we want for you as a client to do is pay for a project and it fail. We have ways of testing the deck and seeing if it is ready to be stained and are more than happy to provide you with more information.


A: There are a number of reasons why a stained deck or fence fail. Improper prep is the number one reason for failing products. Decks and fences need to be properly cleaned prior to staining. If not the mold and mildew, etc still continues to grow and will actually cause your deck to blister. Same thing if you stain the deck and there is moisture trapped underneath. The sun actually pulls the moisture out and now you have blisters where the moisture broke through the stain. Another reason for peeling decks and fences is enough time was not allowed for the wood to cure or the other stain was still acting a protective film and actually repelled the stain. If this happens to you we are excellent troubleshooters and know how to fix your deck and fence staining needs.

Q: How much time after our deck is stained should we not walk on it?

Once your deck is stained we highly recommend staying off of it for at least two days.  The stain is still curing out and if you walk on it your asking for problems.  Even though the deck may seem dry it is still sensitive and needs time to finish curing.


A. Your fence and your deck are investments just as your home or business. Preventative maintenance is the way to protect your investment and keep your decks and fences in great shape. We will help extend the life of your decks and fences by staining them and leaving you with a great looking finished product.

Q: What is a Solid Stain & What are the benefits of going with a Solid?

A: A solid stain is a stain that you’re not able to see through. This stain gives you the most protection when staining a deck or staining a fence. You can actually go with any color in the rainbow. A solid stain usually lasts between 5-8 years. This gives you complete protection from the uv rays because it reflects all the rays and they don’t damage the stain as quickly as a Transparent or Semi-Transparent Stain and last longer. One down fall to a solid stained deck or solid stained fence is that once you stain with a solid stain is you can’t see the wood grain anymore. But you still have a great product and some other great benefits.

Q: What is a Semi-Transparent Stain and what are some Benefits?

A: A Semi-Transparent Stain is a stain with color that you can see through partially. You get two great benefits, one being color and two being able to see the wood grain through your stained deck or stained fence. The life of this product is between 3-5 years before you need to restain your deck or fence. Once draw back is you are limited to the color selection and can only choose from certain colors but well be able to help you out with that and will explain more when we come out to give a quote.

Q: WHAT IS A TRANSPARENT STAIN and what some of the benefits?

A: A transparent stain is a clear stain. This is a sealant and a protector for you stained fence or stained deck. You can see all the wood grain of the stained fence and deck. The problem with a transparent stain is that it takes a lot of maintenance and upkeep. You need to restain your fence or deck yearly due to the fact being a clear stain the uv rays from the sun actually breaks down the stain faster than a semi-transparent stain or a solid stain.



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