Graphic Custom Painting

2013-02-28 17.04.28 2014-03-20-17.07.36-1024x768 2013-02-18 16.29.31We love a great challenge.  None of this is hard with the right equipment and the experience.  Painting is what we love to do.  On the Vertical and Horizontal lines that we painted we used a lazer level.  On the circle we used a string and a pencil.  Very creative and it worked out.  The hardee board siding was a little bit challenging because it wasn’t smooth and we had to free hand everything when we painted the circles.  So on your next project we are here to help you with your interior and exterior painting projects.

Pressure Washing Your Business & Commercial Properties

Your place of business is an extremely important asset. How it appears plays a critical part on how your clients and potential clients think about you and your Company. First Impressions are everything. “You won’t get a 2nd opportunity at a first impression”. What do you think the first impression people get when they see your business?

Does the Curb Appeal encourage them to walk in the door? Does it help put them in a positive buying mood? If you’re not able to answer these questions with a loud, “Yes”, then you could utilize Mike’s Painting & Pressure Washing.

If you have gum, dirt, grease, oil or other unsightly, unsafe substances on your concrete areas such as sidewalks or even driveways or at your entrance? If “Yes”, then you need Mike’s Painting & Pressure Washing.

Is your business exterior or signage need a good cleaning? If “Yes”, then you Need Mike’s Painting & Pressure Washing.
Do you have a dirty, greasy dumpster area where clients or employees could slip and possibly get hurt? If “Yes”, then you need Mike’s Painting & Pressure Washing.

Do you have Graffiti on your Business? If “Yes”, then you need Mike’s Painting & Pressure Washing.

Here at Mike’s Painting & Pressure Washing we are in business to help provide a solution for these and other problems that prevent your business from to always look and have great curb appeal. Mike’s Painting & Pressure Washing removes dirt, algae, atmospheric pollution, mold, mildew, gum, graffiti, stains and more. You can view our gallery to see some of our work.

We use safe chemicals and have all the proper equipment to do your project. We believe in going green and have a machine that is up to the EPA standards that helps us to collect our water and recycle it so it doesn’t go down the storm drains. We have lots of Expert knowledge along with the proper equipment to get the job done most efficiently and quickly to help your business looks its best.
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