Turn your Garage floor into a Nice Epoxy Floor

This epoxy floor turned out really good.  As you can see with the before and after pictures. Read more

Beautiful Stained Concrete

Here is a great looking way to decorate your backyard and pool area.  Read more

Excellent Epoxy Floor on a Double Garage

Here is a floor that turned out beautiful.  Read more

Jack Britt High School Football Locker Room Painting and Epoxy floor

Here is a paint job that turned out to be a total success for us again.  We painted the walls with the school colors which were purple and gold.  We prepped and put an epoxy flooring system on the floors.  We ordered custom flakes to make the floor stand out.  We top coated it with a nice glossy finish.  When your ready to get an epoxy floor for your garage or no matter what your project is we can definitely make it happen for you to where you have a very nice and professional epoxy flooring system that is extremely durable and looks great.  Here are some more pictures from the job Read more

Decorative Concrete Pool Side Coating

Pool 2Pool 0 This pool side coating turned out perfectly.  We enjoy doing these coatings because they turn out so nice.  They are chemical resistant to the chemicals that are in the water.  These coating also absorb the heat so when you walk on it in your bare feet it doesn’t hurt your feet. Read more

Another great Decorative Pool Side Coating

2013-04-16 08.54.46 2013-04-16 11.37.57Here is another project for a satisfied customer.  This pool coating turned out fantastic and the clients can enjoy it. Read more

Decorative Pool Coating for Concrete

IMG00310-20120803-1612Here is another pool coating that painted on the concrete.  These coatings are great extremely durable and not too expensive.   These coatings are great and look sharp. Read more



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