2 Connecting Neighbors Have Fences Stained the Same

2015-11-25 10.03.18 2015-11-25 16.05.54These two neighbors decided to get together and have there fences stained the same color.  Each shared the costs on the shared fence to ensure the lifespan of the fence was protected. Read more

Fence Staining

2014-09-19 11.31.12 2014-09-19 09.39.04Here is a fence that we stained with a solid stain. Read more

Deck Staining with a Pergola

IMAG0353 IMAG0352Here is a House where we Pressure Washed the House, Pressure Washed the Deck and Fence.  We also Stained the Deck and did some touch ups on the house.  This House was in the Anderson Creek area. Read more

Double Tier Deck Staining

2014-05-30 08.57.10 IMG_20140609_180504598Here is a Deck that we Stained in Carolina Lakes back in May ’14.  This Deck had a lot of detail and turned out to be a beautiful outcome. Read more

Beautiful Exterior House Painted and Awesome Deck and Fence Staining

House Painting, Fence and Deck Staining 6We Painted the Exterior of this house and Stained the Deck and Fence.  The Deck was very nice flowing around the pool.  The customer was extremely happy. Here are some more photos. Read more

Stained Fence

IMG00070-20110523-1530Here is another beautiful fence that we prepped and Stained.  We stained the front and back of the fence.  Looks great Read more

White Stained Cedar Fence

2014-05-12 13.44.55Here is a Fence that we Stained White.  Read more

Another nicely Stained Deck

Deck Staining 1Here is another deck that we stained with a Solid Stain







Read more

Nicely Stained Deck

Deck3Here is another deck that was initially peeling and in bad shape.  Here is the outcome Read more

Another Deck that was in Bad Shape and We Two Toned it out

two3two5This deck was in ruff shape when we showed up.  The homeowner actually had a few contractors come in and tell her to rebuild the deck others said it was to far gone.  Well we accessed the situation and this was nothing new to us.  We prepped the stained the deck and at the end the client had a beautiful looking deck.  We stained it with two different colors.  Turned out sharp. Read more

Deck Staining

IMG00038-20120130-1429Here are some more photos of another deck that was stained with a solid stain. Read more

Stained Deck

100_0338This deck we actually had to use a stripper on it due the product that was used before was not allowing the stain that the home owner used bond.  Therefore we stripped it down and restained it.  So here are some more photos of another  project gone well. Read more

Nicely Stained Deck and Pergola

Deck Staining Purple11Here are some nice photos of a Stained Deck and Pergola Read more

Deck that Was Peeling Really Bad & We Made it Look Brand New

100_This deck was in really bad shape.  But with our knowledge we were able to identify the problem and make it look like it was stained for the very first time.  The problem was the deck was stained over a previous coating that wasn’t ready to be stained yet.  So the undercoat was repealing the top coat leading to blistering and peeling.  So we stripped what we could.  Pressure washed the deck using a special tip for concrete to help rid the peeling.  Once dry we sanded and drove on to making another proud owner of a Deck. Read more

Nice Deck Staining with a Solid Stain

Pat After Pics StainedHere is a Solid Stained Deck that we Stained. Read more

Semi-Transparent Stained Fence we Stained

IMG00085-20120312-1620This fence was about 780′ Linear Sq Ft.   After prepping the fence the day prior we Stained the Fence with a Semi-Transparent Stain. Read more



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